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Palace co-owner becomes new owner of Brazilian side Botafogo



It has been announced this week that Crystal Palace’s co-owner John Textor has become the new owner of Brazilian Serie B champions Botafogo. It had been rumoured for a while that he had an interest in investing in a Brazilian football club and now the deal is finalised.

The agreement will see Textor acquire 90% of the club’s shares for a total of £51m. £13m of this amount will be available immediately and with the new season starting in April, it’s a great time for the newly-promoted side to get a cash injection.

It was only last year that he invested in Palace with an £87.5m stake in the club. This made him close to equalling Steve Parish’s 18% controlling stake in the club. Textor has publicly mentioned his love for the beautiful game and this is why he’s busy buying stakes in different clubs around the world.

In fact, also this week it was announced that he has also invested in the Belgian side Molenbeek RWD. His total ownership of this club is said to be around 80%.

With such large majorities in other teams, it makes you think that it’s only a matter of time before he takes a controlling stake in Palace. That’s if the other directors allow that to happen.

Textor’s comments on the deal

“I think when I came to Brazil I was looking for something that I thought would be easy, something I could handle,” Textor told BotafogoTV.

“I’ve led big businesses. I was looking at clubs in the First Division that have very small fan bases because I wanted to come in and rip up the business and organisational practices, market more effectively and build new channels of revenue.”

“When I was looking at these smaller clubs that I thought would be easier to handle, two young men that I worked with kept bringing up Botafogo. “I thought no – it’s like buying Newcastle or Manchester United, nobody buys Botafogo. Nobody should ever own these clubs but it happens that we do.”

“I think an owner is today’s caretaker until I die and this club goes 100 years beyond me.”

When any businessman owns two or more football teams, the question of loaning players between two clubs is always mentioned. This was clearly a question that the Botafogo fans and journalists questioning him had on mind. This is what he had to say:

“No club should ever be a feeder to another club,”

“This is its own country, its own people, they have their own passions and history. I can’t hijack that and say I’m going to take all of your best and send them to Crystal Palace. Why would I do that?

“It’s a rational fear but it’s not a logical fear. When you talk about the collaboration of top-tier clubs I think there is more opportunity to use this global footprint and these shared resources to efficiently access talent.

“For me to pick up the phone as I have several times in the last week to ask the sporting director at Crystal Palace what he thinks of players.”

Whether or not this will change over the following years is yet to see. Who knows, maybe even some of Palace’s players will join Botafogo in their later careers.

He was also adamant that though he has stakes in Crystal Palace, Botafogo are their own entity.

“I think the people in Brazil and the team we intend to strengthen will be very good at identifying top talent in Brazil,”

“They will know who works in the second level and they know who is in the first level and we’re going to have the capital. We’re going to be spending at a time when many clubs in the division won’t be spending, which will give us an advantage on players that are already in the first division transition.”

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Crystal Palace Unveil New Away Kit for 22/23 Season



Crystal Palace Away Kit 2022/23

Crystal Palace have released photos of the new away kit and it looks like it’s a hit with the fans. The kit is all white with the club’s famous red and blue colours in the centre of the kit. You can see what it looks like in the image above.

As we reported, Palace have changed the front of shirt sponsor from the betting website W88 to the specialist used cars sales website cinch. As well as this, Macron replaced Puma as the technical kit partner so all three kits will have a different feel to them than in previous years.

You can see more photos from the away kit release photo shoot below.

The release date for the home kit is still not known, but we expect it to look as good, if not better, than the new away kit above.

Palace fans can now preorder the kit via the shop on the club’s website or else it will be for sale in shops from August.

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Crystal Palace Strike Kit Deal With Macron



Crystal Palace & Macron Logos

Crystal Palace have announced that next season’s kit will be made by the Italian technical kit brand, Macron. The Eagles worked with this brand back in 2014 until 2018. Macron will replace the current technical kit provider Puma in this upcoming season.

The club’s press release didn’t announce the contract length with Macron but it will most likely be more than just the one season. Macron is older than you think after it recently celebrated its 50th year in business.

The Italian company knows what is needed for sports kits as they are the third largest technical brand in European football. They also have a large chunk of the European rugby market.

This deal comes a month after the main front of shirt sponsor was announced. Asian betting brand W88 is being replaced by the second-hand car website, cinch.

Crystal Palace commercial director Barry Webber said: “Macron is an ambitious sports brand known for its innovation in materials as well as its style, and having formed an excellent working relationship with them in the past, we are pleased to be collaborating on Crystal Palace kits once again.

“We look forward to presenting the new strips to supporters in the coming weeks, alongside our new front of shirt sponsor Cinch”.

Macron Senior Sports Marketing Manager Ross Cook, said: “We are delighted to be working again with Crystal Palace Football Club having had such a positive relationship together, and to re-partner with such a strong club which has a long and rich history, is something very special for us.

“We have already started working hand in hand with the club to develop unique and exclusive collections created for their elite athletes as well as an extended apparel range for fans, all of which are driven by technical innovation, stylistic research, attention to detail and Italian flair alongside adapting to the club’s history and traditions.”

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Crystal Palace Premier League 2022/23 Season Fixtures Announced



Patrick Vieira & Mikel Arteta in Selhurst Park Away Dugout

Crystal Palace fans as well as every football fan in the country will be looking at the schedule for the 2022/23 Premier League season today.

The Eagles will play the opening game of the new season against Patrick Vieira’s former side, Arsenal. It will be a tasty Friday Night Football fixture as both sides want to make progress on last season’s table finish.

It’s not going to be an easy start for Palace though, with the first four games including trips to Anfield and the Etihad. Although Vieira will be hoping he can beat City away from home like last season.

Obviously, these fixture dates and times could change due to cup draws, the World Cup being this year, or any other reasons that arise.

Still, here’s the full Crystal Palace schedule for the new season.

  • 05/08/22 – Palace vs Arsenal (20:00)
  • 13/08/22 – Liverpool vs Palace (15:00)
  • 20/08/22 – Palace vs Aston Villa (15:00)
  • 27/08/22 – Manchester City vs Palace (15:00)
  • 30/08/22 – Palace vs Brentford (20:00)
  • 03/09/22 – Newcastle United vs Palace (15:00)
  • 10/09/22 – Palace vs Manchester United (15:00)
  • 17/09/22 – Brighton & Hove Albion vs Palace (15:00)
  • 01/10/22 – Palace vs Chelsea (15:00)
  • 08/10/22 – Palace vs Leeds United (15:00)
  • 15/10/22 Leicester City vs Palace (15:00)
  • 18/10/22 – Palace vs Wolverhampton Wanderers (20:00)
  • 22/10/22 – Everton vs Palace (15:00)
  • 29/10/22 – Palace vs Southampton (15:00)
  • 05/11/22 – West Ham United vs Palace (15:00)
  • 12/11/22 – Nottingham Forest vs Palace (15:00)
  • 26/12/22 – Palace vs Fulham (15:00)
  • 31/12/22 – A.F.C. Bournemouth vs Palace (15:00)
  • 02/01/23 – Palace vs Tottenham Hotspur (15:00)
  • 14/01/23 – Chelsea vs Palace (15:00)
  • 21/01/23 – Palace vs Newcastle United (15:00)
  • 04/02/23 – Manchester United vs Palace (15:00)
  • 11/02/23 – Palace vs Brighton & Hove Albion (15:00)
  • 18/02/23 – Brentford vs Palace (15:00)
  • 25/02/23 – Palace vs Liverpool (15:00)
  • 04/03/23 – Aston Villa vs Palace (15:00)
  • 11/03/23 – Palace vs Manchester City (15:00)
  • 18/03/23 – Arsenal vs Palace (15:00)
  • 01/04/23 – Palace vs Leicester City (15:00)
  • 08/04/23 Leeds United vs Palace (15:00)
  • 15/04/23 – Southampton vs Palace (15:00)
  • 22/04/23 – Palace vs Everton (15:00)
  • 25/04/23 – Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Palace (19:45)
  • 29/04/23 – Palace vs West Ham United (15:00)
  • 06/05/23 – Tottenham Hotspur vs Palace (15:00)
  • 12/05/23 – Palace vs A.F.C. Bournemouth (15:00)
  • 20/05/23 – Fulham vs Palace (15:00)
  • 28/05/23 – Palace vs Nottingham Forest (16:00)
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